Payment Options

The RM of Keys accepts the following payment options:

  1. Online Banking: The RM of Keys is currently set up with the Credit Union system for payment of taxes and other services. To search for us, type in “Key”. Please use your owner number as the account number with 0 in front to fill. If you would like us to check another financial institution, please contact the office.
  2. Debit/Credit Machine: The RM of Keys is currently set up with credit card and debit card options for payment of property taxes and other services. We do not accept payment over phone.
  3. OptionPay: The RM of Keys has contracted OptionPay for credit card payments over the internet.
  4. Interact E-Transfers: The RM of Keys accepts E-Transfers sent to
  5. Cash / Cheques: The RM of Keys accepts cash and cheques, including post dated. Cheques are receipted the day they are received (or post dated).  Please ensure ample time for mailing.

Other Information

Heavy Trucks

Bylaw 01-2015 allows primary weight on all non-seasonal roads, other than spring restriction periods.
Bylaw 02-2017 regulates the speed of all vehicles over 7 tonne to 60 km/hour.

Other Vehicles

Bylaw 02-2016 regulates the speed of all vehicles to 60 km/hour in front of any posted residences.

Controlled Burn

Any land owner wishing to have a controlled burn must contact 1-866-404-4911 to notify them of your controlled burn.  If a burn is happening and the fire department is dispatched, the land owner will receive a bill for services.

During a fire ban, Bylaw 05-2018 states that additional fees will be applied for any controlled burn infractions and be added to the fire bill. Please see bylaw for details.

To determine if (and where) a fire ban is in effect, visit:

Snow Removal

Snow Removal will be completed in a priority system. Our goal is to have every year round road cleared within 3 days of a storm. Please be patient in the event of large scale storms or persistent winds.

New this year is a Snow Removal Map. This map is updated hourly and will show the ratepayers where the snow plows have been. To View, click on the link below.

Contacting Operators

Please do not stop the graders or mowers, or contact the operators directly.  It is a dangerous practice that the operators should not have to deal with.  Contact the office or the councilor to pass along the messages. For continuing infractions, custom rates could be charged.

Club Root

Club Root is in the area. Please contact the land owner prior to entering or crossing ANY lands within the RM of Keys.